Hello there, and welcome!

Out of all the places in the internet, I'm glad you landed here. Kayla is my name, and portraits are my game! Whether it's a newborn who has just been welcomed into the world, a mother-daughter duo with a passion for fashion, or a newly engaged couple who can't keep their hands off of each other, I love photographing people and telling their stories. Nothing excites me more than freezing time and preserving precious moments to share with my clients.

Yellow is the color of my personality, but you'll never catch me wearing it. I spend way too much time trying to be perfect and often forget that imperfection is better than inaction. I'm very intuitive, and I sometimes give too much weight to my feelings. My biggest career dream is to shoot destination weddings (but no, I don't shoot weddings locally)!

When I'm not looking through the lens, it's a pretty safe bet that you'll find me either nannying my favorite little toddlers on the planet, sweating in the gym, or cuddling up with my pups and my best friend (who happens to also be my husband).

If you're still reading this, I'm guessing you may want to connect. Please shoot me a message here and find me on Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks for popping in. I look forward to hearing from you!


At age 18, I was diagnosed with cancer and put my passion for photography on hold. After learning how little funding for cancer research is allocated to childhood cancers, I founded Open Hands Overflowing Hearts (OHOH) as a way to change that. I now use my passion for photography as a way to raise money for research. 10% of proceeds from every portrait session are given to pediatric cancer research through OHOH. Find out more about my story and the fundraising efforts of Open Hands Overflowing Hearts here.