A Journey Back to Herself - Kristen

You know when you hear a story that just fills you up and makes your heart happy? Trust me, this will be one of those stories. I am thrilled to introduce you to Kristen; she is strong, beautiful, and beyond inspirational!


I met Kristen at my CrossFit gym, and when she asked me to take her portraits, I had no idea about the health journey she had been on for the last year. We set up a time and place, we talked about styling and preparations, and then at last, it was time to shoot. The session flowed smoothly, and we had a great time getting some great shots!


"Honestly, I didn't have any real expectations going into it," says Kristen. "I was impressed with Kayla's work when I saw it, but you never know what it will be like until you work with that person. The experience ended up being so much fun. It was nice just going with the flow, or in our case going with the flow of the wind."

We really did just spend our session hanging out, laughing, and making the most of a windy evening. Little did I know, Kristen had big plans for these images.

"I was so excited," she says, "because this was a chance to surprise people with how far I have come since I started CrossFit."

And I have to say, she surprised me big time! As the sun went behind the horizon and we wrapped up our session, we got to talking, and Kristen shared with me that she has lost 67 pounds and is totally rediscovering herself and her love for her body and soul.

April 2017

April 2017


Talk about a transformation! Not only is Kristen finally loving the skin she's in again, but she's treating herself with love and care and developing a deep sense of respect for herself. I am so incredibly proud of her and so excited to share this story with the world!

But before bragging on her to the whole universe, I got to sit down and share her images with her one-on-one. We had almost as much fun looking through the images together as we did when we were shooting.

"I was so blown away that I almost cried," says Kristen. "I was genuinely happy in the photos, and that is something that I wasn't for a long time. I love them all!"


This portrait session with Kristen reminded me why I do this: to connect with people and tell their crazy, beautiful, unique stories. This is a story I want to share over and over again. I am so proud of this friend and her commitment to loving herself and being the very best she can be.

If you have a story you want to share with the world, I'd be more than thrilled to help you tell it! Contact me today!