Dogs in the Desert - The Makselan Family

I love exploring new places and discovering new locations for portrait sessions, but I also love when a client has a location in mind that is special to them. Emily and Marcin asked me to photograph one of their daily walks with their dogs in the wash behind their house. We had so much fun, and it was beautiful! The desert is blooming right now, and I couldn't be happier about it.


When Emily first asked me about a portrait session, she showed me a photo on her phone of the beautiful path that they walk each afternoon. I was pumped to see it and photograph them in their happy place. I was also super excited to hang out with their pups, Meeko and Cash.


"We brought Meeko and Cash because they're our furry kids," says Emily. "Cash is still a puppy, and we realized that we only have a couple photos of Meeko from when she was a pup. Meeko also has had some health issues this year, which makes you realize that you don't really know how long they'll be with us for. We wanted to make sure we have more than just iPhone photos of them so they will last forever."

My heart! Yes, let's take all the pictures of your fur babies! Pets bring a whole new set of challenges to a portrait session, but they also bring a whole lot of fun.

"We were just hoping to get some photos with the dogs actually cooperating. I couldn't believe how many Kayla was able to get! She did a great job managing two usually very distracted pups."

Meeko and Cash were definitely on their best behavior, but when they lost their focus, I grabbed some shots of the humans.


So photogenic, right? They are naturals in front of the camera! Catching them in their element was so easy.


"We both usually get really nervous in front of cameras," says Emily, "but Kayla was so great that we almost completely forgot she was taking photos. It all just felt like a normal walk with the dogs."

Honestly, I would have never known that they are camera shy; they carried themselves with such confidence and grace the whole time.


I loved our little walk in the desert, and I was thrilled to give Emily and Marcin their final images. Marcin is from Poland, so they will be sending some to his family overseas whom they don't see very often.

I honestly couldn't decide which photo from this session was my favorite because I loved them all so much! And I'm so thankful that Emily felt the same way. "I was really impressed by Kayla's talent when we saw the final images! There were so many great ones it was nearly impossible to choose our favorites!"

If you want to freeze time and create quality portraits that will last forever, whether it be of yourself, your significant other, your kids (furry or otherwise), or all of the above, let me know. Magic is waiting to happen!