Engaged - Thomas and Hannah

Last weekend, I had the privilege of photographing some friends of mine who recently got engaged! Meet Thomas and Hannah.


Thomas and Hannah started dating in high school after being friends for a while. Their best friends were dating each other at the time, so they started spending more time together, and... fast forward to April 11, 2018, and Thomas proposed to Hannah on Huntington Beach!

"It was so beautiful and sweet," says Hannah. "I cried for two hours because I was so excited, and then we got to celebrate in Disneyland! Truly the best experience ever!"

The moment they announced their engagement, I told them they had to let me shoot their engagement portraits. And I'm so thankful they did!

Couples sessions are always so much fun, and each one is so different. Some couples are super serious and romantic, while others are more silly and goofy with each other. I love being able to see and capture the way two people in love look at each other, speak to each other, laugh with each other... It's magic.

It can definitely be uncomfortable at first for a couple to be photographed if they're not used to it, but I make it a goal to set a very relaxed vibe for each session and allow the lovebirds to lead the way. If they want to goof off and get into a tickle fight, great. If they want to make out the whole time, by all means. As long as they are having fun and enjoying themselves.

Hannah says she was expecting Thomas to be uncomfortable because he hates having his picture taken. "But he actually had a lot of fun," she says, "and so did I! It wasn't stressful, and we got a lot of candid moments because of it being relaxed."


The candids are definitely their favorite shots. Hannah repeated it several times! "They really capture our relationship," she says, "and the excitement we have to start the next chapter in our lives!"

And that's the best I can hope for!


Because Thomas and Hannah are our in-real-life friends, we had them over this weekend to hang out when I presented their gallery to them. We had so much fun going through them together and picking their favorites.

"We were so excited and grateful," says Hannah. "We've never done professional pictures before, so it was so nice to have this be our first experience and have it be amazing and have the pictures come out so beautiful."

I am so happy with how their engagement session turned out, and I'm even happier that they are happy!


Thomas and Hannah, I am so happy and excited for you! I can't wait for you to take on the wild journey of being married!

If you have a new ring on your finger (or you're getting ready to put a ring on someone's finger!), let me know! I'd love to work with you to capture this exciting time in your life.