Totally Toddler - The Evans Family

To a two-year-old, the world is beautiful, scary, fun, humongous, and tiny all at the same time. Toddlers' brains are making one million new neural connections every second. Everything is new to a two-year-old because they are new to the world! All of this can make my job a bit more difficult, but I love capturing kids at this age because of their immense joy and zeal for life.

I had the pleasure of photographing Joie, Kevin, and Riley last weekend, and I remembered just how much fun it is to watch a toddler interact with the world around her through the lens of my camera.


From the time Riley stepped out of the car, she was exploring and enjoying everything around her. She found a few green rocks that she was very excited about, so I let her photograph them on my camera, and we got to work!

"Riley was super comfortable right off the bat," says Joie, "and did great at following directions. I think that has so much to do with how easily Kayla connected with her right away."

Joie's right, Riley and I made fast friends. We had an absolute blast, and she made my job so easy!


Riley had lots of fun with Mommy and Daddy too. They brought Riley's wooden musical instruments because they love having dance parties at home with them. I was so excited to get a glimpse of the real-life, everyday fun that these three have during their session. Riley had to focus on following directions for some shots, but she also got to just play with her two favorite humans for others!


Joie admits she didn't know how well the session would go, or how well Riley would cooperate. "I wasn't sure what to expect as we hadn't worked with Kayla before," she says, "but I'm happy with how she captured us interacting so naturally, and she got some great shots for us!" Toddlers can be unpredictable, but that uncertainty can work to our advantage. I loved feeding off of Riley's energy and letting her lead the way.


Joie's favorite picture is the one of Kevin and Riley. "Their smiles are so genuine, and I can feel their love in the picture," she says. One thing's for certain. This princess is so very loved.


Joie says they were super excited to see the final images. "We couldn't stop smiling and laughing at them!" Confession: I couldn't either. This was my first time getting behind the camera in a while, and it was so refreshing. Riley's spirit and spunk, the love between this little family, and the dreamy golden hour light made this session a favorite.

If you have a little one whose brain is developing faster than the speed of light (aka a toddler), I'd love to help you capture those crazy moments of wonder and awe. I'll let your little one lead the way, and we will create something amazing together!