With Love for Mother's Day

Since moving to Tucson, I have met so many amazing women who are passionate, powerful, and doing what they love. I love getting to see empowered women take life by the reigns and show it who's boss. Kimberly is no exception. Last weekend I photographed this boss babe and her cute little family!


Kimberly is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger here in Tucson. She is sweet, funny, and contagiously kind. You can follow her at withlovefromkimberly.com and on Instagram @withlovefromkimberly.

If she's honest, Kimberly will admit that she was a bit nervous for our session. "I was really excited to get family pictures done," she says, "but with a toddler, I was nervous about whether or not he would cooperate."


And guess what... Kimberly's little love bug acted exactly like his age - two! "Liam acted like a wild animal," Kimberly says. "You would never guess how distracted he was during the session from the photos, though. He ran toward every puppy he saw." And we saw quite a few, being that we were at a popular park on a weekend evening. We didn't let Liam's distractedness stop us from getting good shots. We just followed his lead, pointed at all the doggies, and did lots of tickling and kissing.


Kimberly is excited to share these images on her blog. I'm excited too! So excited, in fact, that I'm teaming up with Kimberly to do a little Mother's Day giveaway... Check it out on Instagram. ;) "They will definitely be some great pieces to put up around the house, too," Kimberly adds.


I met up with Kimberly yesterday afternoon to present her gallery to her, and I was so very happy with how happy she was. "As a blogger," Kimberly says, "it's really difficult to find a photographer who understands what I'm looking for in my photos. I was also nervous for this session because of Liam's behavior, but the photos are beyond my expectations. Watching the slideshow, I had tears in my eyes because I was moved by how many amazing moments Kayla captured!" 


Kimberly's favorite image is actually the very last shot from the day. "It's one of the first family photos we've had done in a long time, and it's a great photo of all three of us," she says. I have to agree, they all look fantastic. I don't think I could find a more photogenic threesome if I tried!

I had a blast photographing Kimberly and her sweet little family. She is an amazing mama, and giving her these images today felt like giving her a Mother's Day present. Be sure to enter our Mother's Day Giveaway, and let me know if you want to treat any boss mamas in your life with a portrait session they'll cry over!