Year After Year - The Batson Family

Creating art. Capturing moments. Freezing time.

These are all things I love about being behind the camera. But even more than these elements of photography, I love the people who trust me with their memories year after year. I'd like to introduce one family who trusted me from the very beginning (long before I was trustworthy, I might add) and continues to support me with every chance they get.

This is the Batson family.

From left to right: Josh, Halle, Jake, Mari, Katie

From left to right: Josh, Halle, Jake, Mari, Katie

I began photographing these guys in 2011. I was sixteen years old, I had a Nikon D5000 with two kit lenses, and I was ready to take on the world. Jen commissioned me to photograph her kids. They had just welcomed Mari and Josh into their family, so we met up, and I went camera crazy. I had a lot to learn (as I still do!), but I had a passion and an eye, and I was ready for action. They made my job easy and fun, and I knew we made a great photographer-model team.

Our first portrait session! Mari had been with the Batsons for a bit already, and Josh had just arrived.

Our first portrait session! Mari had been with the Batsons for a bit already, and Josh had just arrived.

"You started taking our pictures the first year Josh got here," says Halle, "and those have been cool because every year you have documented us as a family since we have all been together."

We have always chosen fun locations, and their style choices never disappoint.


"My favorite photo," says Josh, "was taken years ago on train tracks at the Ross Bridge park. We were all so young, and the picture looked great. It brings back some great memories."

For this session, Jen had requested a very specific photo: the kids' feet.


The "feet photo" is Halle's favorite. It represents the Bible verse that says, "beautiful are the feet that bring the good news," and they chose to use this photo for their Christmas card that year because it shows how meaningful missions are to their family.


"My favorite picture," says Mari, "was three years ago. We were in an alley way, and we were all laughing. My favorite thing about our sessions is that we get to freeze the moments spent with my siblings."


Josh's favorite thing about our sessions is that their family is all together. "And your directions make it easier for us to pose for a picture," he adds.

Katie says, "I love getting to spend time with my family doing something that makes us happy."

And I love getting to capture those happy moments!


At our most recent session, I got to meet the newest member of the Batson family, Jake! He is quite the ham, as you can see. It was a blast to capture the love and laughter among this beautiful family.

I am always so excited to send the Batsons their final images, and after talking with them this week, it seems as though the feeling is mutual.

"I love getting our photos back!" says Katie. "We love looking at them because we laugh and smile and remember how awkward or embarrassing posing a certain way was and it ending up so cute!"

Halle tells me, "We LOVE getting to looking through the photos when they come back! We all will usually sit down and look at them together."


I am so thankful to know this sweet family, and I'm even more thankful that they trust me year after year to capture the sweet moments they get to spend together. I can't wait for many more photo adventures with them!