Open Hands Overflowing Hearts

Funding research to end childhood cancer.


It all started when...

I was diagnosed at age 18 with neuroblastoma, a type of pediatric cancer usually diagnosed in children under the age of 5. My case was rare. I underwent some of the most intense treatment available, and after fifteen months, my disease relapsed. My doctor told me that we had to shift our goals. We were no longer trying to cure my cancer; instead, we were trying to suppress it for as long as possible. No medicinal cure was known for me. He told me that I should set out to accomplish and experience anything I wanted to before my disease took my life.

After fighting through anger and fear, I decided that what I wanted to accomplish was to cure childhood cancer. Research is vastly underfunded, and I wanted to change that. My family and I founded Open Hands Overflowing Hearts as a way to fund childhood cancer research through efforts of our community.

Fast forward four years, and I am still here, still fighting, and surprisingly, healthier than I've ever been. I've seen no traces of cancer in my body since April 2016. I attribute this to my radical diet and lifestyle change that I took on in February 2016, when I was given just six to eight weeks to live. I have been blessed with more time, so I will use it to make a difference in the lives of others.

I will always be passionate about funding pediatric cancer research. OHOH supporters have given over $2,000,000 since the organization was founded in September 2014. I will do anything to live to see another birthday, and I will do anything to help other kids live to see more birthdays as well.

100% of my clients’ session fees fund pediatric cancer research through OHOH. Most clients choose to make an additional investment upon placing their fine art orders to go toward artwork for a family whose child is fighting cancer. If you'd like to join me in this fight, you can shop in our print boutique or book a session! Your session fee will be used to fund pediatric cancer research projects locally and nationally, and your print boutique purchases and additional investments will provide priceless gifts for struggling families.

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