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Top Three Parks and Playgrounds Around Tucson

Tucson has one trillion different parks and playgrounds for you to choose from when you’re trying to get your littles out of the house. Is that an exaggeration? Yes. But not by much. You know how much of a struggle it is to get everyone dressed, put sunscreen on, pack snacks, and get out the door. You want to make the most of every single outing, right? Right! If you’re going through all the trouble, your trip to the park should be worth it! That’s why I’ve composed this list of my top three parks and playgrounds around Tucson…

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Our Play Place

Our Play Place is an interactive indoor children’s play and party space purposefully designed to encourage a young child’s sense of independence, exploration, and creativity. Everything (and I mean everything!) is kid-sized and so cute! Parents may not easily fit inside the diner or the veterinarian’s office, but they can easily join in on the fun, or just sit back and relax while their children discover a world that is just their size.

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